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Satimpex makes spectacular scenes, with steel structure and covered with PVC film, which is a guaranteed success, be it concerts, shows, fairs, festivals, events, etc..

With a solid metal structure and disposing of professionalism in the design, we can make scenes of different sizes and shapes, which can satisfy the most unusual of customer preferences. Moreover, the metal structure of the scenes allows the installation of lighting and sound system of any item without prior special arrangements.

Along with scenes, exhibition pavilions have appeared in the company's product range when it was found that there are many problems in terms of building a stand. These shortcomings have been eliminated, and flags made ​​Satimpex creates a well defined, covered, protected by side walls, the colors and emblemare presonalizat. Constructive solutions to make it easily collapsible, transportable, with a maintenance and does not require any special storage.

In addition, Satimpex makes garden tents with removable walls that fits perfectly into the environment, perfect for relaxation.