Contact person: Martin Stingu +40 746 166 968 [email protected]

Shortly after it appeared on the market, Satimpex has gained experience and professionalism needed to expand the application of technology and materials to new products, namely, the implementation of covers for railway cargo wagons.

Satimpex makes rail covers with and without anti-condensation properties for:
- new wagons (first endowment)
- replace those whose term has expired
- reconditioning and repair
- replace those whose guarantee has expired

Types of covers for rail freight carried by Satimpex are SHIMMNS, RILS, etc..
The advantages of using sheets to cover the freight wagons are obvious:
- much lighter than the classical solutions
- withdrawing the roof at one end of the wagon
- easy maintenance
- emblemare personalization through the paint does not change over time
- 100% waterproof